Widow-to-Widow Program

In Guatemala, widowed women above the age of 60 do not receive much financial support. We at Casa Milagro attend to the needs of these women, in place of the government and their families.

Widow-to-Widow is a new program at Casa Milagro inspired by a friend of founder Thilda Zorn. Dorothy, a recently widowed woman herself, decided to support another widow in need by providing her a month’s worth of basic food provisions and toiletries.

Casa Milagro has decided to expand Dorothy’s generous idea into a program for widows in developed nations to sponsor a widow in need in Guatemala. Twenty-five euros or thirty-five dollars a month will support a widow with basic food staples (corn, beans, rice), fresh fruits and vegetables, and toiletries, such as soap for personal hygiene.

Together, women can provide and look after each other.

We gladly invite you to participate in our program. Your support will be a blessing to the elderly women and they will appreciate any amount that you can donate. You can donate by clicking the PayPal Donate Button below:

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