Volunteers Wanted

We would like to invite you to volunteer at Casa Milagro in Santa Cruz, Guatemala.  A volunteer should have some basic experience working with children in a creative way: singing, dancing, craft projects etc. If you have your own ideas, we will gladly see if we can incorporate them into our program.

Time Commitment

We expect volunteers to commit to a minimum time of 4 weeks, which you can then extend up to 2-3 months. Hours expected range from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00 each day, but scheduling is flexible.
One room for lodging is also available upon request.


These are just a few examples of all the fun and interesting activities that you would do with us at Casa Milagro:
1) Helping to prepare a simple meal – for about 25 children
2) Taking care the childrens’ hygiene – washing hands, cleaning fingernails
3) Playing with the children – helping with reading and writing
4) Painting, handcrafts, simple theatre-performances
5) Participating with all needed activities like cleanups etc.

Volunteer Posititions

1) Artisan Design Volunteer: This person should have experience with designing and creating handicrafts. They would work directly with the women of Casa Milagro in their beading, weaving, and other craft projects that generate revenue for the project.

2) Website Design Volunteer: This person should have an extensive background in website design and editing. We’re looking for someone with the experience to bring our products to an online store.

3) Researcher/ Grant Proposal Volunteer: This person would research other organizations and opportunities for funding for the project, whether that be through a grant or sponsorship through generous organizations.

4) Nutrition Volunteer: This person would travel around Lake Atitlan searching for nutritious food products to incorporate into the children’s snacks in creative and deliscious ways. Cooking experience is appreciated, but not necessary.

5) Business Management Volunteer: This person should have an extensive background in business, finance, or planning. They would help manage donations and help develop a financial plan for Casa Milagro.

All types of volunteers are welcome to particpate with the children on Tuesday and Friday afternoons from 14:00 – 17:00. Scheduling is flexible.

After a time of learning and participating, volunteers might also develop their own ideas. There is open communication between staff members and  the coordinator about the children and their needs. You will be part of a team and be invited to share ideas!



  1. Hi Thilda,
    I contacted my children about your work and would like to forward the e-mail I sent to them so you can read it. I don’t seem to be able to contact you directly via e-mail, and so my family in Carbondale (which is close to Crested Butte) can’t contact you either. I will stop by Upaya today or tomorrow morning for the 7:00 zazen, and we can talk then.
    See you soon. All best wishes, Cheryl

    • Dear Cheryl, thank you so very much for your interest, for your involvement and ideas! Everything is very welcomed! I am sorry, that I didn’t see your post earlier! adios from Thilda, Casa Milagro

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