Casa Milagro

Casa Milagro is an organization designed  for widows and mothers and their children  in the village of Santa Cruz on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. We provide an open and safe environment for children and women to congregate during the day. Thilda Zorn founded Casa Milagro in 1992, after moving from Germany where she was a social worker.

Casa Milagro started with a small group of 7 women and their children with the idea of providing information about nutrition, health, hygiene and family planning to everyone that needed it in the community.

At that time, women had about 10 to 14 pregnancies and about 5 to 8 children that survived . Today, families have 2 to 5 children!  In 1992 only 40 children joined the official school – today its enrolment is over 500 !

Please use the tabs to find out more about Casa Milagro and the opportunities to volunteer, as well as make donations towards the upkeep and growth of our organization.

Thilda Zorn with Casa Milagro participants



  1. To Thilda,
    I would like to contact you directly by email. I am the daughter of Ken & Joanne Barr and friend of George, your past husband. Please email me directly I have searched for you since my mother’s death in 2006 and only yesterday found an old letter from George with you name.

    • Dear Lynn, now it’s June 1. 2014 ! I just found your note! I am moved! I hope this reaches you much quicker!!! You find me under
      love! and hope to hear from you very soon! Thilda

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