We hope that you are well in these difficult times!  Since you might not want to read another long article about the Corona crises – I would like to give you an overview of our situation here.
Guatemala has less than 100 cases estimated, but there is almost no testing happening. Thanks to the government we are very protected – all schools, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses are closed, no buses are running, almost no boats, certainly no flights, and the borders are closed for weeks now. Everybody has to stay at home between 4 pm and 4 am and seniors are asked not to leave the house. This is especially difficult at this Easter Holy Week – Semana Santa – where people normally go to Lake Atitlan as a sacred event. But we are also appreciative to be as safe as possible.
Today – Easter Sunday – it is so quiet, so very unusual, nobody will forget this time! And I hope that something new, something also unusual will develop out of it – our human nature, our human condition with friendliness, a real neighborhood, compassion, and understanding for others. The solidarity we find already growing and people are happily giving and receiving. 
This should be our way of life!   
Today I urgently ask you for your help! Since so many businesses are closed down and jobs lost, families are not able to support themselves and their seniors – we are expecting a wave of hunger throughout the country!
As most of you know, Casa Milagro has been a project helping those in need in Santa Cruz for almost 28 years now. 
Christmas at Casa Milagro, senior-widows with traditional ponche – punch 
One of our ongoing programs is a Senior-Widows-Program for 15 older women. We want to increase this aspect of our project by giving out food supplies and hygiene articles once a week. Each woman would receive food staples worth Quetzal 35 (about $4.75) and hygiene articles worth Q10  (about $1.25) for a total of only $6 per person. To help these 15 senior women we would need a total of $90 per week or $360 monthly.
We also want to help four very needy families, who lost their jobs, have many children and nowhere to go for support. Our proposal would be to give work to those fathers and young men so that they can continue their humble family lives. A daily income of $10 -$12 would be sufficient to help these families. This would cost a total of $320-360 per month for each family or a total of $1280 -$1440 per month for all four families.
Juana´s and Santiago´s family – Miguel(student at PCI, English-speaking school)
Rosa (cook) and little son Angel, Alejandra (Escuela Caracol, Waldorf School), Andres (cook)
Ana´s and Andres´family, Anastacio (student), Ana Maria (Escuela Caracol), little Antonio, Jose (student)
Petrona+Adans Family
Petrona and Adan´s family – 7 children, and only Ricardo is old enough to work. 
He already helped us by taking care of trees we planted at the water spring of S.Cruz,
Petrona is learning the beadwork – but is also very busy with her children.
Although there is no market for beadwork at the moment, we hope to continue the handicraft work for seven mothers and then sell the products later. We need to buy beads and pay the handicraft work immediately so that the families don’t have to struggle. Weekly expenses are about Q1.000 (or $$135) which would be a total of $540 per month for us to continue our beadwork project.
Our group of beaders, mothers who are doing this beside their demanding household…
What I have outlined is a basic plan to provide the minimal assistance needed to help people in need in our community during the next months. Those who can work can support themselves and the elders receive what they need. The families will have a humble way to go through the crisis and hardship of the Corona-virus pandemic. 
But it will cost between $2,180 – $2,340 per month.  We have very little resources and desperately need your help.
We hope that you will support us generously through this time so that we can pass your expression of hope to mothers, seniors, families, and children in need in our village in Guatemala.


To donate, please click the PayPal Donate Button below to send money directly online:
If you prefer paying by check, you can send your US$ checks to Carolyn Dailey, our contact in the USA, and she will deposit your check into our bank account.  
Please make your check payable to MECHTHILDE ZORN  (Thilda)
Mail to: Carolyn Dailey, 560 Pack Creek Road, Moab, UT 84532   Attention: Casa Milagro
Please include your name and address with your check.
As a small token of our appreciation, we plan to send you a free gift of a lovely small beadwork Christmas ornament in time for Christmas!
Also, if you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook through the following link : 
Thank you so very much! And be well! 
Thilda Zorn and all of Casa Milagro


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