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Our main goal at CasaMilagro is to give  children access to education and a proper nutrition, and a playful, safe environment.   In addition, we want them to develop strong social skills in order to become resilient, self-confident children.

  • We provide nutritious groceries for the families on a weekly base and cook one meal every afternoon for all of the children at the project.
  • We engage and support the children every day by helping them with their homework and by giving extra support to those who need to learn or repeat specific school subjects
  • We teach English in the afternoons, as well as general knowledge, (geography, environmental awareness, etc.) through interactive learning.
  • We seek to bring out CREATIVITY in all of our children.  It is very important to stimulate and open the children`s minds to develop more interest in the arts and to find more self-confidence in themselves.

Below are some of our recent activities:

We ran a photo project in which the kids learned how to use a camera and prepared a small public exhibition. We provide a wide range of creative activities for the children: painting  T-shirts, singing, playing recorders and other musical instruments, sewing clothes for dolls, making necklaces, and performing a short theatre play for the parents in January – just to name a few 🙂

With all these creative activities, and with our support, the children experience what they are already capable of – strength and self-confidence. The activities are a great way to develop social skills because they share knowledge, materials, work space, and interact in a group environment.

Although the children come from strenuous living situations, we can see their positive improvements everyday. We play very important roles in their lives especially for those who don`t have the opportunity to go to the Caracol (Waldorf school)! 

We are so happy that we can already provide all of this to our children and thank YOU for your support! 


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