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Casa Milagro

Santa Cruz is a small village in the highlands of Guatemala situated at the so called “most beautiful lake of the world”, lago de Atitlan.

People live from agriculture and also tourism which has decreased drastically because of environmental problems, issues of safety and the overall malaise of the global economy.

Although education and chances for income are improving around the lake and in Santa Cruz, there are still many families and single parents who don’t have access to the resources and  they need support.

In addition, Santa Cruz is one of the most difficult villages to access. to get to other villages, markets, hospitals etc., the only transportation is by boat. This adds to the complication and expense of the simplest functions that many of the other villages take for granted.


“Our History”

In 1992, German social worker Thilda Zorn, who had been coming to Guatemala since 1985, organized a group of 7 women to educate and provide information about nutrition, health, hygiene and family planning to the community.

At that time women had about 10 to 14 pregnancies and about 5 to 8 children that survived .today families have 2 to 5 children! in 1992 only 40 children joined the official school – today its enrolment is over 500 !

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